Introduction Scenic spot

Starting point of Southern Silk Road·introduction to Jinmen scenic spot

Situated at the starting point of Southern Silk Road, Jinmen is a scenic spot in Sanhe Ancient Town of Xindu, Chengdu. This scenic spot, with silk culture as its core and century-long business, mansion buildings as its bottom roll, is to rebuild the Chengdu north gate, so to reproduce the bustling scenes of old Chengdu.With “silk industry” as the background, the silk cultural commence and trade tourist town has been formed, integrating, through culture, tourism, shopping, gourmet food and leisure.

Jinmen Scenic Spot is composed of four parts, namely, the memorial plaza for the starting point of Southern Silk Road, business tourism exhibition block, Memorial Park of Southern Silk Road, and Runmao Hotel Supplies City, which integrates sericulture, silk reeling, human landscape, and business tourism to form a center for promotion and display of silk culture, fashion consumption of high-end silk products, experience and interaction of silk industry, making it a significant symbol of Chengdu – an important city of Chinese silk.